Ερευνητικά posters ειδικευόμενων


  1. Making sense of current difficulties: Thematic analysis of clients’ early recollections as autobiographical stories (Likomitrou, N.,  Mavroforou, A.,  Moschakis, Ch.,  Nikolopoulou, V-N). Best poster award of EFTA  2013 CongressMost artistic poster presentation award. Apublished  in Human Systems Special Edition on EFTA Instanbul Congress
  2. Two sides of support in crises: Narrative insights into the family experiences of clients (Athanassopoulou, I., Karampasi, M., Kontoni, N., Sarantidis, M.) Most innovative poster award of EFTA  2013 Congress
  3. Critical events in the process of long-term systemic therapy from the perspective of individual clients and their therapists (Christofis, O. Kyriazopoulou, E., Peppa, E., Saliaris, K..Zeriti, M.)
  4. Lesbian and Gay families: Understanding the dilemmas that emerge for family therapists (Viou, M. & Kalofonou, P.)
  5. Assesing Therapy Micro-Changes using the QCCN (Qualitative Criteria for Coherence in Narratives) Tool: A case Example. (Andriosopoulou, P., Bingou, N., Giannoukakou, F., Koutsaftiki, K., Papadaki, E.,) 15th National Congress of Psycological Recearch, Cyprus, Nicosia, 27-31 May 2015, "Psycology in Greece and the Mediterranean" 
  6. Sexuality in Greek Women’s Magazines: A thematic analysis (Viou, M., Zeriti, M. & Kyriazopoulou, E.)  20th EAP Congress, Greece, Athens, 19-21 June 2015. "Gender And Psychotherapy"
  7. Lesbian and Gay families: Exploring clients’ thoughts and  considerations (Viou, M. & Moschakis, C.)  20th EAP Congress, Greece, Athens, 19-21 June 2015. "Gender And Psychotherapy"
  8. Virginia Woolf’s “22 Hyde Park Gate”: A narrative analysis of her autobiographical speech on family sexual abuse. (Androutsopoulou, A., Moschona, N.,  Nioth, N., Rozou, E., Vakondiou, M.,  Yfanth, K., Zisi, O.) 20th EAP Congress, Greeece, Athens, 19-21 June 2015. "Gender And Psychotherapy"    you can read it here

  9.  Η Φαινομενολογική Προσέγγιση στην Ψυχολογική Έρευνα: Μια Μελέτη Περίπτωσης Κρίσεων Πανικού, (Βίου Μαρία & Μοσχάκη Χριστίνα).  5ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Κλινικής Ψυχολογίας, Αθήνα , 4-6 Μαρτίου 2016

  10. A window into the process: A qualitative case study into significant moments of an enriched systemic group therapy session. (Zougrou, K.,Filia,M., Gkotsi,G., Papageorgiou, S., Regli, D. Overall Poster Agora Winner of EFTA 2016 Congress, Most Artistic Poster Presentation Award, Most Scientific Poster Presentation Award and Poster Agora Best Student Presentation

  11. Co-constructing a central theme: Microanalysis of a systemic group-therapy session.  (Poimenidou,P., Biniori D., Christodoulaki, M., Zerma, K.) Most Innovative Poster Presentation of EFTA 2016 Congress

  12. Use of psycho-medical “jargon” in functions of accountability and persuasion: Discourse analysis of a couple therapy session. (Amplianiti, E., Bafiti, S., Dima,E.,Gkioni, F., Kandreva,P., Kostala, M.,Sanidas, G.). EFTA 2016 Congress, Athens, Greece. 

  13. In a “whirlpool”: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of a client’s experience with panic attacks (Moschakis, C.,Viou, M.). EFTA 2016 Congress, Athens, Greece.